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01 May 2011 @ 11:21 pm
 Just opened lj recently to have a look at gastonbrc  and justjesi 's latest entries (as they lad told me they had recently updated), and realised it's been almost 2 months since my last entry...long time, uh?

So, basically (though trying to make a summary of these months would be pointless), these were my main events lately:

*Turned 21! Not that it changes much, but whatever. Had a b-day party a my Dad's with my closest friends, which was awesome, and that's all that matters.

*I've overcome that stupid little worry over my new job, and now I'm doing great. My boss and my co-worker (a Cuban woman called Yuriem, who has recently had a baby, so now she's got this maternal instict which ends in me getting spoiled by her with daily coffee-making and occasional snacks^^) are great people, and I couldn't be doing better. They really take into account my opinion, and value my work and my art knowledge (as both of them are lawyers, and learn step by step about the art world). I've got tons of interesting and various tasks to get busy (and believe me, there's A LOT to do yet!), everything whithin a field which used to be strange/unkown to me, but now seems like a viable career alternative. We'll see how it goes.

*I'm starting to write reviews! Wrote 2 on 2 movies from the BAFICI (Buenos Aires Independant Film Festival) for a culture website created by 2 of my lecturers, and 1 on an exhibition for my job, which is on their website as well!

*Celebrated my 3rd anniversary with Sebastian on March 12th. Yup, we're still together, and happier than ever^__^

* And last, but not least, this Thrusday (5th) there will be a big exhibition on Art and Technology held in Centro Cultural Recoleta, a very important exhibition center within Buenos Aires' art scene. The event it's called Fase 3 (as it's the third year it is made), and this year, my University is participating. The point of this whole introduction is that I've been working on this curatorial project (along with another classmate, of course, and with the coordination of 2 lecturers, but still!) since November (last year!) and now it's going to be on display for 4 whole days! It's my first experienca as a curator! And it's been excellent: got the chance to work with a group of graduates in visual arts (which have been great to me, and all of them were really creative!), develop an idea, work with a considerable space (28 square feet!) in an important place for my first time,and to top it, went to a radio program to talk about the project! They dedicated a whole radio show to us! On the other hand, I'm more than tired, and extremely nervous/anxious (we have only the previous day to set the whole thing's going to be one stressful day!), but I'm more than happy, so that makes it up for sure. Some of the artists involved are already talking of exhibiting this same project somewhere else, so that means they were happy with our group work.We'll see how that works!!!

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06 March 2011 @ 08:05 pm
Seriously, I need to find better ways of spending my long weekend. Hours of youtbe, fmylike, failbook and the like should NOT be an option. Specially when I should be studying for a final I got in 2 weeks time (I'm almost doe with the reading, just 3 chapters left, but they happen to be the most unattractive chapters ever! If you ever have sleeping problems, try reading an essay on abstract art...which btw has no pictures:P). And I'm committed to a group curatorial project which is supposed to be important to my future career...I mean, if I'm so interest in it, then why can't I find the will power to do the stuff I should be doing? The lack of help/communication of my partner (who's currently on holidays, leaving me on my own in the middle of production stage...don't blame her, she's entitled to have vacations whenever she wants, but that's just one case of really bad timing!) doesn't help either, but it's not lack it's her fault...I just suck at decision-making, and I feel I'm not prepared enough (even if this is my last year at college!) to carry out all this by myself, for the project involves presenting an instalation/performeance at a very important Cultural Center (within our art circuit, of course), and being this my first experience as a proto-curator, I'm afraid I'll screw it big time. I'm panicking, and the fright is paralyzing!

On the other hand, there's my new job, who's already giving me mixed feelings (and I haven't even worked for a whole week!).  On the plus side, I'm still working on sth conected to my course of studies, and I'm getting a steady 5-hours-a-day job, with health insurance, paid holidays and- best of all- no working on the weekends. The place I'm working for is a non-profit society in charge of protecting the artists' copyright, and of hanndling the copyright licenses of their members. What I don't really like is that, being a defender of copyleft and creative commons, I'm (partly) in charge of doing the dirty job of finding people who are making an illegal use of art images, and collecting "the evidence". I know, if I'm so against this I shouldn't have taken the job in the first place, right? Well, I guess I was just too tempted by the steady job thing and the better payment, something really hard to find when you study art history. And when I read the job description, I honestly pictures something completely different- I never thought I'd be using spy gadgets! So now I'm oscillating between trying to convince myself I'm doing the right thing ("I mean, there are many guys making profit with merchandising that has no license whatsoever! Poor artsts!") and feeling like an informant, which is awful (specially when your family can't stop making fun of it¬¬). The worst part of it is that after doing a lot of thinking, I've come to the conclusion that having values in this case would be too inconvenient, as it would mean quitting and returning to the Cloisters Museum (which sounds like a defeat, speacially when I've already found to replacements for me and other co-workers who are leaving as well...and it would be also going back many steps in terms of work quality), and the most reasonable thing to do would be to suck it up, for I've found a nice place to work, leaving my ideology aside...fuck, that sounds terrible, but life right now is no place to be heroic...sad but true:/

(God, when was it that I time travelled? I feel like I'm sixteen again! Could I be more of an emo and vent a little bit more when I have nothing really substancial to complain about??? You guys are so excused if you decide not to read/comment this entry, it came out lamer than expected...I'm not even re-reading it, makes me sick...)
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24 February 2011 @ 11:30 pm
Hi everyone!It's been almost 2 weeks since I came back from Brazil, and I thought I had to report some major changes that have been going on...

First of all, I had a wonderful time during my vacations, and- unbelievably- got slightly tanned. Epic win!

Then, onto my house refurbishing- the kitchen's just been finished today, though as we're having our rooms painted, we're still having a hard time living there...we have no beds, everything is smothered in dust, and all our stuff have been apparently relocated into the Bermuda Triangle...Obviously not the best place to study:P

And speaking about studies, I am supposed to sit for a final tomorrow, but decided to drop out a week ago...Can't focus enough, and preferred to give all my attention to the other subject I have to sit for^^'

But the main news concerns my work...I've got a new job!!! Ok, technically I don't have it yet, for I still have to take the physical and psychological tests (which I'm taking tomorrow), and only then will I be able to sign the contract, but anyway I've already been told I've been chosen! I'll be working at a non-profit society called S.A.V.A., which handles everything concerning Visual Artists and copyright matters. I've got my first serious part-time job, woo-hoo! My boss from the Cloisters Museum doesn't know it yet, as she was gone on vacations during interview time...Fortunately, 2 more (now former)co-workers have left their positions, so she's been already asking us if we knew anyone interested in the job, and I got her at least 6 candidates, thus it won't be hard to replace me:P

And to top it, yesterday I had an lj get-together...chascobal  came from Chile (met him for the first time...un gustazo haberte conocido, Cris!), and gastonbrc  from Bariloche (he's staying here to study at college!), so moi_rimini (a.k.a. my boyfriend:P), justjesi  and myself decided to take them to El Ateneo (a well known bookstore made in what used to be a splendorous theater) and to have dinner at Guerrin, a classical pizza place downtown. After that, we went for's good!
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01 February 2011 @ 11:31 am
Let's skip the part where I get all whiny about living in a house that's being refurbished ractically from scratch, and get to the point...On Saturday I got back from Mar Azul, where I'd been for a week with my beloved Sebastian. Won't bother writing anything else as an introduction, for I'll let the pics speak (almost?) for themselves. There you go!yay beach!Collapse )

And this Saturday I'll be heading to Brazil with my's good!
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10 January 2011 @ 11:27 am

Have been meaning to wrtie an entry for some day,s but lately I've been anywhere but home. My Mom's house is upside down because she decided to start refurbishing the kitchen from scratch. This obviously means no cooking and no laundry- woops! In conclussion, I've asked my friends and acquaintances for political asylum, and I've arranged all my schedule and meetings according to my, I'm a food refugee! On the plus side, this way I got great excuses to get together with highschool friends Nacho and Dani (who's decided to become a vegan...btw, she made me vegan muffins, and guess what? They taste the same!)...missed them a lot!

And now, as I should get going in half an hour and I'm far from prepared (having lunch at Juan Cruz's, co-worker from the Cloisters Museum and great as friend material!:D), I'll leave you with some pictures of NYE/NYD, spent at my paternal grandmother' da family!Collapse )
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01 January 2011 @ 04:42 pm
Following last year's tradition (lol!:P), here's my list for 2010. Surprinsingly enough, read many more books than last year! In fact, I think I haven't read that much since I started college...or even high school^^' On the other hand, didn't watch that many movies...dunno, this year movies weren't that appealing to me, I guess? Anyways, here's everything under the cut!Books & Movies!Collapse )
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31 December 2010 @ 02:16 pm
Mmm...that's it? Lol, these past few days have been quite uneventful^^'

Vacation news: Apart from my trip to Mar Azul with Sebastian, I'll be heading to Brazil on February 5th with my Dad & co. for a week! Yay!

And  had the stupidest argument ever with Sebastian yesterday, but fortunately we're okay again. In fact, that ended in a series of emails with videos of the songs associated to our first months as a couple...and as I'm still in the cheesy mood, I'm posting one he found that's particularly cute^^'

Hope you have a great start of 2011!
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28 December 2010 @ 05:28 pm
 And I hope y'all did as well (and by the look of some entries, many of you not only did survived, but had a great time!). In my case, Christmay Day (or more specifically, Christmas dinner/evening) was even better than Christmas Eve, which usually is the other way around. The asado went superbly (we eat our asses off!), and after it, my Mum, Vincenzo, Sebastian, Naty and Santiago (da 3 couples!) went for a cup of coffee (and for a walk too, so we could make a proper digestion^^'), which ended being a frappuccino at one of the multiple Starbucks that has invaded our city over the year:P To sum up, great dinner, great chat, and future promises of an encore. Awesome! In addition, my Dad has invited Sebastian to his house for a pool day this Sunday (because- of course- he couldn't be less than my Mum:P), so fortunately I can say 2011 seems like a great year for Sebastian's relationship with my parents^__^.

Adding more items to my previous gift list: a book by Felisberto Hernandez from Sebastian (an Uruguaian author, very promising!), a cosmetics bag and a body splash from Sebastian's Mum and Grandma, a fabulous checkered shirt from my Dad and a bag that contained a jar of raspberry jam, christmas pudding and an "alfajor" from my boss from the Cloisters Museum (that last one I didn't see it coming at all!). All in all, I must have been a very well behaved child this year:P

Went to the Police Boureau yesterday to have my passport done, along with my Dad's side of the family...apparently, there is a slightly chance of us going abroad the first week of February, but I'm not being optimistic until everything's booked, for my Dad has gained a reputation of not being capable of keeping promises when it comes to trips (for instance, he still owes me my sweet 15 trip, as he decided he wouldn't save up for it along with my Mum...hellooo, it's going to be 6 years since I turned 15!). Anyways, I'm going to have a passport, just in case:P.

And just for the sake of it, a 2010 meme snagged from chascobal under the cut:My 2010...Collapse )
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25 December 2010 @ 07:41 pm
I hope you're enjoying your white/chilly X-mas, as for me I'm celebrating  it with 37°C/98,6°F! Should've asked Santa for an air conditioner!x3 And on top of that, I just got my period, so most of my day was spent in bed:S Nevertheless, I promised myself not to be cranky today, specially considering that tonight Sebastian and Naty (my brother's girlfriend!) are invited to our special Christmas dinner, and we're having asado!

Dinner last night was great. Spent Christmas eve at my Mom's, along with my grandparents, my brother and my Mom's boyfriend. Eat tons of cold dishes and saw the fireworks from our terrace. I got a necklace from my grandparents, a special soap for delicate skin (which smells like olive oil, yummy!) from my Mom's boyfriend, and a beach handbag from my Mom. And I still have to check presents at my Dad's (whom I won't be seeing until Monday) and receive Sebastian's, which I know for sure is a book, but I'm still very curious about it.

That's it. No more interesting things for today, other than the fact that I spent most of the afternoon playing cards with Santiago and my Grandma, and that I made dessert for dinner: lady fingers + flan (yup, I know, what an elaborate dessert, lol:P)

Hope you've had are having a great time!:D

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22 December 2010 @ 03:52 pm

Hi everyone! Dunno if you're still out there, but after finishing with all the tasks that worked as an excuse for not writing, I had no other option but to come back^^' I'm really sorry if I've been M.I.A., but what can I say? These past few weeks months have been either really stressful due to exams, or I finally decided to have a social life and balance indoor and outdoor activities:P
As trying to make a summary of I've been doing would be pointless, I'll just write about the things that come into my mind right now:

1) I'm going on summer holidays with Sebastian! We're leaving on January 22nd, heading to Mar Azul- a beautiful place that combines woods + beach. We'll be staying in a cottage (sort of) for a week, so this will be a major event to test our compatibility before we actually move in together (even if that's going to take a while:P)

2) Went to the Hot Festival, a 2-day intenational rock festival in Buenos Aires. Got to listen Hot Chip, Massive Attack, Scissor Sisters, Girl Talk, Benjamin Biolay, Thievery Corporation, Stereophonics, Phoenix and Mika live!!! In short, it was absolutely amazing, specially because Sebastian got VIP tickets, so we were always within the first rows:D

3) Work at the museum's fine; worked during Museum Night, which was fun, but exhausting. Classes with the elderly peolpe are getting a wee bit...sporadic. Nevertheless, I have been recently offered a new workshop (so now I'm in charge of 3), and apparently will be having more, as the business has recently won a city award (which implies economic help and free publicity during 2011) and seems to be growing a lot. Despite this, I'm meaning to start a job hunt as soon as I come back from my vacations, as next year will be my last year at college (oh my!), and Id like to get used to the idea of a more steady job. At least I'd like to be able to leave the Cloisters Museum...I feel like I won't learn anything new there anymore, and I don't wanna get stuck.

4) Sat for 6 exams during December's call...that was exhausting! Finished with the last level of language (in my case, Italian) required for my course of studies. I still owe 2 more finals and a monography, but those will be handled next year...

5) Reading Mrs English!!! Has anyone of you ever read it? At first I felt like giving up, but now I'm quite hooked up. Still, it can get very complex from time to time:P

6)Had a shopping spree, and got new shoes!

Took the picture with my cellhone, so the quality's not that good, they are supposed to look more pink. Also got a dress and a purse, but haven't wore them yet.

....and that would be it. If I don't reopen this before Saturday, Merry X-mas to you all!
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